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Welcome To Malta Reptiles & Critters!

Malta Reptiles & Critters was Established by Anthony Mugliett since 2012 and became a Licensed Reptiles and Small Exotic Online Pets shop.

Online Shop can be found By Clicking Here. You can visit the online shop and shop online at any time 24/7! 3% Store credit on every order you make online. Store credit can be redeemed on next order or kept accumulating and redeemed at another time. Store credit is awarded after order is Picked Up . For enquiries please call on +356 7780 7767 or +356 2780 7767.

We Offer Daily Pickups from our Store Location. Pickups are available on Mondays to Saturdays Between 10am till 12 & 4pm till 6:30pm. Next Day Deliveries Via Courier to Malta & Gozo available During Checkout at an extra Charge.

We aim to provide you with a professional advice so as to support you in keeping your reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, arachnids & small exotic pets in top condition! Because we have these pets in our heart our mission is to Always Be There For Your Exotic Pets!

We import high quality captive bred reptiles, and small exotic pets (such as syrian hamsters, fruit bats, sugar gliders, dwarf rabbits, chinchillas and squirrels) We are also importers of live reptile food, frozen reptile food & Reptile Accessories. We are the sole distributors of HabiStat, Arcadia, Komodo & Lucky Reptile reptile, birds and aquatics accessories in Malta.

At Malta Reptiles & Critters shop you can find advanced reptile accessories such as reptile UVB lighting, vivariums, heating equipment, substrates, habitat decorations, digital and analogue thermostats and much more! We also stock dry and wet cat and dog food, Bird food, Rabbit, Hamster, Chinchilla, Hedgehog, Fruit Bat, Sugar Glider food, Cages, and rodent accessories. Reptiles and small exotic pets available in stock are updated regularly so do come and visit page so as not to miss out on anything. Malta Reptiles & Critters sources its captive bred reptiles and small exotic pets from genuine professional breeders across Europe. All animals are certified Healthy and necessary CITES documents are always provided. Once they arrive in our shop they are allocated a vivarium or a Cage with their requirements so that they are taken care of as if they were our own, something that is unique in this market because we care so much for these pets. Take your time to browse through and Our Brand New Online Shop!

Small Exotic Pets Shop

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