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LIve Small Mammals Stock

This is our available stock of small Mammals as of 1/12/2020, that can be found at Malta & Critters Exotics Pet Shop in Triq A.Caligari Zabbar ( Opposite Sylvia Bazaar and next to Chain Supermarket (*Zabbar NOT Fgura) ) We are open daily Monday to Friday from 10am to 1:00pm & 4:30pm to 7:30pm and Saturday 9am till 12pm. 
For Prices Call or Text on 
77807767 - 79807767 - 99968230 or go on contact us and send us an E-mail.

We also stock all type of Rabbit Food, Hamter Food, Chincilla Food, Ferret Food, Hedgehog Food, Sugar Glider Food, Squirell Food, Guninea Pig Food and Fruit Bat Food.
Adorable Normal &
White Face Sugar Glders

Soft Grey Chincillas

Sweet Syrian Hamsters Multicoloured

To view our Huge pre order list and pictures & offers of available stock of Small Mammals/Reptiles/arachnids/amphibians/invertebrates, Visit our facebook page at
Come and Visit Our Exotic Reptile & small Mammals shop 
  • Visit Our Reptile & Small Mammals Shop In Zabbar (Click on "Contact Us" for map) or call 77807767 - 79807767 - 99968230

  • We consistently stock Reptile Live and Frozen Food, Rodent Food, Cat and Dog food, Bird food at The Best Prices & Quality! Check our Live Food Menu!