Reptile Live & Frozen Food Menu

Below is the list of live and frozen food that can be found at Malta Reptiles & Critters shop in Triq A.Caligari Zabbar ( Opposite Sylvia Bazaar and next to Chain Supermarket (*Zabbar not Fgura) . Click on contact us for more info.

We source our premium quality reptile food from top European feeder insect farms. Because of this we can guarantee live and frozen reptile food free from growth steroids and antibiotics.

Medium Brown Silent Crickets70+/box
Large Brown Crickets45+/box
Flight Less Fruit Flies Culture
Dubia Roaches (Medium Size)15/box
Dubia Roaches (Adult Size)10/box
Calcium Worms *Solder fly Larvae30/box
Wax Worms30/box
Pachnoda Grub10/box
Small Locusts10/box
Medium Locusts10/box
Sub Adult Locusts10/box
Adult Locusts10/box
Meal worms100 grams
Morio Worms100 grams
Earth Worms15/Box
Frozen Reptile Food
1 day old pinkie mouse
4 day old pinkie mouse
Large mouse
Pinkie Rat
Small Rat
Medium Rat
Large Rat
X-Large Rat
Jumbo Rat
Frozen Fish & Turtle Food
Aquadip Frozen Blood worms100g
Aquadip Artemia ( Brine shripms)100g

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