Pet Guarantee

Our guarantee policy for animals you purchase at our Malta Reptiles & Critters store is the following:

We do not offer any type of guarantee on our animals. We are confident that our animals are healthy. A licensed veterinarian examines our animals prior arrival at our shop. We just don’t know how people are going to take care of them.

We cannot follow you home and make sure you take care of the animal properly. We spend a tremendous amount of time with you in person to explain the care of the animal you purchase from us. We might even turn you away without selling you an animal if we decide you aren’t going to take proper care of the animal. This means we reserve the right to refuse to sell animals to you.

We cannot guarantee an animal’s temperament. If you are worried that it might bite you or someone else, we suggest you don’t buy it. We do not reimburse you for veterinarian bills if you decide to take the animals to a veterinarian. You must assume responsibility for all regulations regarding the animals you purchase from us. We are not responsible for any bites, scratches, stings or other injuries inflicted by any of the animals you purchase from us. We are not responsible for the transmission to other animals of bacteria, viruses or parasites in any of the animals that you purchase from us. Once you walk out the door of our store with your animal, you assume full responsibility for it. We do not offer refunds, returns or exchanges. It is your responsibility to take proper care of your animal. If you feel that you cannot take responsibility for the animal, then please do not purchase it.

When requesting a specific pet’s sex, we do our utmost to ensure the right sex is chosen when there is availability. If you have any queries regarding your pet’s sex that you just bought from our store kindly contact us through our channels not later than 24hrs after purchase. Claims after this period will be rejected.

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